awkward, out of breath
internalized & environmental ableism is eating me alive just now

any supportive/helpful comments much appreciated

Inner voice is saying of course nobody will comment who cares about you being a complete failure and not even managing to get daily tasks done, but I’m trying to ignore that

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    Hugs to you. Internalized ableism really does suck and it is a real thing.
  2. pictures-and-love-lost said: (I know this is late but I figure it can’t hurt to send you some supportive thoughts and things, so this is to let you know that I’m thinking positively in your direction?)
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    also thank you
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    It is no failure to realize you have reached the limit of today’s endurance and that something will therefore have to...
  5. geardrops said: ::hugs:: I think it is okay that you can’t do All The Things or even Some Of The Things. You are unwell. You’re not lazy or apathetic, you’re just unwell, so it’s okay <3 I see that you are judging yourself harshly, but I’m not <3 <3
  6. brassmanticore said: you’re a wonderful human being <3
  7. alexdallymacfarlane said: sending hugs and <3 <3 <3 <3
  8. woh-battameez said: Love and bisi shweta *hugs*
  9. jhameia said: There’s always tomorrow, or the next hour, to get stuff done! <3 Take it easy <3